Our Data Centres

YourDC offers a comprehensive range of high-quality Data Centre services across our two facilities in Adelaide.

As Data Centre and Connectivity services are often tailored to individual needs, we encourage you to make contact with us about your requirements and we would be happy to provide an indication of cost and of course arrange a tour with you.

DC1 Edinburgh Parks

DC1 Edinburgh Parks

  • Purpose-built Data Centre, the newest and by far the best in South Australia
  • Adelaide’s only facility built to Tier-3 specifications
  • Outside flight paths and flood plains
  • Capacity 800 Racks built as individual rooms of 20
  • 45RU x 600mm width rack as standard, with custom options available
  • “White Space” available where a full room can be purchased without Racks, and fitted out by the customer to their own specification
  • High physical security including biometrics
  • Onsite security personnel
  • N+1 on all systems
  • Excellent PUE (Power Efficiency) and Environmentals
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Carrier Neutral facility
  • Dark Fibre Available
Fibre Connectivity

Fibre Connectivity

  • YourDC Corporate Grade Internet is available within our Data Centres
  • We can also deliver YourDC Corporate Grade Internet to customer premises/building
  • Our Internet services are available with speeds from 4Mbps to 1Gbps
  • As we are Carrier Neutral, third party options are also available
  • Private WAN services are available nationally
  • Dark Fibre is available for point-to-point connections between two sites
  • Please contact us to discuss your requirements
DC2 Hawthorn

DC2 Hawthorn

  • Purpose built Data Centre
  • Easily accessible being only 6Km from CBD
  • Outside flight paths and flood plains
  • Capacity 220 Racks split over two Data Halls
  • Full Racks available
  • Half- and Third-Racks available
  • High physical security including biometrics
  • A&B Power to all Racks
  • Off-street secure car parking
  • Carrier Neutral facility
  • Dark Fibre Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YourDC sell space by-the-RU ?

At the current time we offer full-rack, half-rack and third-rack configrations at our Hawthorn Data Centre. We don’t offer individual RU’s, however several of our customers are local IT Companies that do sub-lease space by the RU. We would be happy to provide a referral to you.

Does YourDC have a price list ?

Many of our services have fixed price points, however the reality is that Data Centre services are often tailored to a customer’s individual needs. Maybe your equipment needs more power or a bit less power. Maybe you need a special type of power rail or network connection. Maybe you would you like us to do some cabling work for you.

For this reason we don’t publish our price list online, as it would really only tell half the story.

Instead, we encourage you to contact us via phone or email and we can discuss your needs and come up with some pricing. Maybe we can talk about this over coffee?

Can I have a look at the Data Centre ?

Yes you can. In fact before you sign up to our services we absolutely insist on taking you for a walk-through tour.

As this is a secure site, there are some strict access conditions and tours are only offered where a legitimate business opportunity exists. Please make contact with us via phone or email and we can progress the discussion with you.

Is there an SLA with YourDC services ?

Yes, we do offer an SLA. Please discuss your individual needs and expectations with our Sales team. We are confident you will be more than happy with what we can do for you.

What access do I get to my equipment ?

All YourDC Co-Location services include 24×7 unescorted access. Naturally we have a very high level of security to gain site access, plus you’ll need a special key to get into your rack. Site access is only allowed for individuals that are inducted and registered against a specified rack, and that individual’s fingerprint is required to gain entry.

Can I bring visitors to the Data Centre ?

If you have services with us and you have 24×7 access, then you are also granted the ability to enter the site with visitors. This is restricted to two visitors for each person that has a 24×7 access pass.

By this process you are able to bring technical people to help service your equipment, bring colleagues to show them around, or bring your customers as part of your own sales process (once your customers see your servers in our facility, they will no doubt be super impressed).

In appropriate circumstances we can also offer a group tour for up to 10 people at a time, and boardroom/kitchen facilities are available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and book a time to meet with us about this.

Does YourDC provide a firewall ?

No, this is something the customer does themself.

Our job is to provide an awesome facility with strong security, plus reliable power, air conditioning and Internet. We don’t interfere with or filter the Internet service we provide – it’s a direct connection to the world which means you get unrestricted access at very high speed.

We recommend all servers be operated behind a quality firewall.

If assistance with firewall is needed, we can put you in touch with a number of local businesses that can assist.

Does YourDC offer Remote Hands ?

In the interests of customer security, we are unable to enter our customers’ allocated rack space except in an emergency or to avoid a potential hazardous situation. For this reason we do not offer Remote Hands at the current time.

However, we do allow multiple 24×7 access cards for each customer account. This means our customer can choose to give access to multiple people and therfore site access should never be an issue.

What is Dark Fibre ?

Dark Fibre is a term that relates to Fibre Optic cabling that does not yet have any transmitting equipment installed.

Typically when the word Fibre is used, it relates to the provision of a managed Ethernet service that just happens to be delivered via Fibre. The customer plugs a cable into their network and it just works at the speed that has been agreed with the supplier. To go faster requires a higher monthly fee.

Dark Fibre on the other hand is just the glass cable itself, running between two sites. For example Dark Fibre cable can run from our Data Centre to a customer’s premises. The customer would then need to purchase and install their own transmitting equipment (like a modem) on each end of the Fibre. The more that is spent on the transmitting equipment the faster the link will be. It’s not hard to achieve speeds in excess of 10Gbps using this technology.

Do I need a UPS in my Rack ?

We provide reliable power via our own dual-feed mains, our own UPS and our own Diesel Generator.

For this reason, installing a UPS into your rack is unnecessary. In fact, we ask that our customers refrain from installing UPS equipment because it can be a potential risk to our own systems.

Want to talk?

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