YourDC Edinburgh Parks – at your service!

We were told that if one builds a Data Centre, it isn’t really finished until the Internet says it’s finished.

Therefore it’s with absolute pride that today we formally announce that YourDC’s Data Centre at Edinburgh Parks is completely finished and ready to deliver flawless service to business, corporate and government customers.

Check out our amazing new photos, showing the absolute quality of our new facility.

It’s been a long and complex process to get to this point, with hundreds of tradespeople involved in what is the biggest Data Centre project in South Australia in almost ten years.

We’ve built a Data Centre that is the biggest and by far the best in South Australia. In addition to that, it’s ;

– the most flexible
– the most robust and resilient
– completely customisable from a layout and security perspective
– the only facility built to a certified Tier-3 design
– the most energy efficient

We offer a capacity of 800 racks, with over 200 racks available right now. We offer all the extra facilities to make an awesome experience for our customers. This means a proper build room, secure storage lockers, work benches, chillout / breakout area, vending machines and kitchen.

We also have a 60-seat open-plan office area where our clients can purchase desk space to cater for any event where their primary place of business is inaccessible.

If you know of any business that would benefit from an introduction to YourDC, we’d love you to share our contact details.

And of course if you’re a business that is considering a Data Centre presence, contact us to arrange a personal tour of our superb new facility!

01 Ed Parks Frontage 02 Ed Parks Foyer 04 Ed Parks Sign In 05 Ed Parks DR Desks

06 Ed Parks Meeting Room 07 Ed Parks Rack Pod 08 Ed Parks Cold Aisle Containment 09 Ed Parks Cooling

10 Ed Parks Standby Generators 11 Ed Parks Breakout Room 20160429-113551 20160502-113138

A Special Guest

Yesterday we had a very special visitor to our Edinburgh Parks Data Centre. This person is officially the #2 Supanova Pinball Champion in Australia. He was on-site to install, check and initialise the *five* awesome pinball machines we have in our Customer Breakout area.

This is an area where our clients and visitors can chill out or have a brain break, perhaps while their server is upgrading the operating system or rebuilding a database. Why sleep when you can play Pinball?

It’s funny … over the last 6 months when we mentioned “Pinball Machines” to our contacts and potential clients, some people thought we were joking. But the #2 Supanova Champion doesn’t mess around – hence YourDC now has Pinball Machines as promised

This is the point where we also reveal that our resident Pinball Champion is also the Co-Founder of YourDC. To all your customers and visitors, we challenge you to test your luck against Greg!

The writer of this post tried his luck, and failed …

01 02 03

First photos in three weeks

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last photo update, but do you know why? Well, we didn’t want to spoil any surprises.

But we’re so pumped about our new Data Centre at Edinburgh Parks that we can’t help ourselves but to do a photo post today.

We’ll try to hold back and only send a few teasers, because we might just have some really exciting news a bit later in the week.

So what have we been up to in the last three weeks?

One we’d finished cleaning and polishing every square inch of the Data Centre, various teams got to work. They were doing tiling, painting, carpet, glazing, more painting, bathroom and kitchen fitout and of course furniture. Oh, nearly forgot to mention the Data Room full of awesome new racks from B&R is complete and it looks wonderful.

With all this work happening, suddenly one morning for a Skype call the Edinburgh Parks technical team were no longer sitting in a temporary office, they were instead in a lovely new meeting room with big screen TV. What an amazing difference!

Everything’s coming together in a beautiful way and turning into a visual and technical feast. This is such a cool site of which we are very proud.

If your business is interested in a sneak-peek at our Data Centre, please contact us via Facebook or email and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

20160408-120330 20160411-145616 20160411-150422 20160412-121621 20160413-170547 20160413-170551 20160415-214038

Spotless …

Wow, what a (short) week at YourDC. We are *almost* ready to go live at Edinburgh Parks, and leaving the site this afternoon it was totally different to Monday morning.

This week we’ve disposed of lots of things – from large pieces of leftover construction material right through to the tinst piece of dirt stuck in a gap somewhere.

The place has undergone a massive tidy-up, and the results are very pleasing to the eye. The garden has come up absolutely magnificent, and is the envy of all the staff who want a garden like this at home.

Today we are sharing some more photos of this week’s progress, we hope you enjoy.

Don’t forget – if you’re a business that’s interested, or you know a business who may be interested, pass our details along and we can organise a private tour of our amazing sites.

2016-03-21 16.29.21 2016-03-23 10.34.18 2016-03-23 14.20.48 2016-03-23 14.40.11 2016-03-23 15.17.36 2016-03-23 15.20.22 2016-03-23 15.20.30 2016-03-23 15.21.35 2016-03-23 15.23.17

All Hands on Deck

The entire YourDC Team are our Edinburgh Parks Data Centre this week. It’s all hands on deck doing some heavy cleaning and getting this amazing facility ready to go live.

With the photos today, I don’t think there’s much need for words.

Any volunteers to help vacuum under the floor?

01 02 03 04 05

Garden work has commenced

YourDC is very excited and proud about the progress being made at our Edinburgh Parks Data Centre. That being said, it’s also a really busy time because every single contractor onsite is putting the final touches to their part of the project. On some days we’ve actually filled up all of our 50 off-street car parking spaces!

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve achieved quite a lot!

The chilled water cooling setup is a closed loop system. This means the fluid that circulates between the chillers and the CRACs is in a sealed loop, and it’s the same fluid that just goes around and around without the introduction of impurities. For this reason, the system must be squeaky clean before it’s turned on for the first time. That clean, flush, test and fill has been completed and the system has had an initial run cycle which went extremely well.

The design of our Edinburgh Parks facility is individual data rooms of 20 racks per room. Naturally we have a gas fire suppression system installed and the gas must remain in the data rooms for 10 minutes (without leaking out) in order to effectively extinguish a fire. We’ve done a pressure test on all the rooms of Stage 1 to make sure they could hold pressure for that 10 required minutes. After 70 minutes had passed and the rooms were still holding pressure, the testing crew decided we had passed that test with flying colours.

Our UPS units have been tested and activated. There’s two separate UPS systems – one being for the data rooms, and another separate system for things like water pumps, air conditioners etc.

And for the biggest change that’s noticable to the eye, we’re really cracking with the landscaping and office fitout. The ‘office’ part is not only office space for us staff, but also preparation for a 60-seat disaster recovery centre. We have a really cool entrance with security desk, this area also features a floor-to-ceiling walled garden which already looks awesome even though it’s not yet finished.

With all the above going well, there’s still work to be done to get this ready for our formal launch. We’re on-track, and our Data Centre is going to exceed all expectations for security, robustness, connectivity and redundancy. Of course let’s not forget that it will be the most “people friendly” Centre in Adelaide.

Oh and did we mention it’ll be South Australia’s only Rating 3 Data Centre … yes of course we already mentioned that 🙂

Enjoy these photos – Ed Parks is nearly ready!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in learning more.

01-1 05-3 05-2 05-1 04-4 04-1 03-4 03-3 03-2 03-1 02-5 02-4 02-3 02-2 02-1 01-5 01-3 01-2

Everything’s coming together beautifully

The last few weeks have been flat out progress at the Edinburgh Parks site. All the separate components of infrastructure are coming together to form the vision of Scott’s Data Centre design.

We’re now only four weeks away from turning this facility on, and in the coming weeks I’m sure we’ll talk about the exact date we plan to formally launch. We know what that date is, and we know what we have planned, but we’re not letting that cat out the bag just yet 😉

There’s quite a few photos today, showing all different part of the infrastructure.

There are some really cool photos of the Data Rooms, which are individual rooms of 20 racks. There’s a long corridor with 6 rooms on the left and 6 rooms on the right. If you look carefully at their design, you’ll notice a few interesting things.

The rooms directly opposite each other are set up as a pair, sharing common systems for fire suppression, power and cooling. To facilitate shared cooling there is air flow space above and below. You will see we have installed very strong grilles to prevent physical access between rooms. There’s no air space to the next pair of rooms though, that’s a solid wall all the way to the bottom, since that’s a totally separate pair which have their own fire suppression, poower and cooling.

You’ll see a photo with a large crane inside the building. This crane is lifting a framework ontop of the water pipes, on which a walkway will be built. This walkway is to facilitate delivery of fully poopulated racks. Quite literally this means our customers will be able to hire a specialist transport company to pick up a rack from one location and bring it, fully loaded, to YourDC Edinburgh Parks and wheel it straight into the Data Room through a set of wide-opening doors.

Let’s go look at some photos … !!


01 02 03 05

08 09 10 11

14 18 19 20

21 22 96 97

Who likes Big Engines?

Who likes Big Engines?

Today we are really excited about a few things.

It’s only a few weeks until our Edinburgh Parks Data Centre is ready. This is a key event for YourDC, and a really big enabler for Hosted and Cloud services here in Adelaide.

Last week we promised photos of big engines, and today we make good on that promise. If you look at the photos below you’ll see a couple of shots of a brand new generator being installed. This is a 1.1MW diesel generator set from MTU Onsite Energy (one of Rolls Royce’ many brand names).

The Data Centre has redundancy built into every system, which of course means right now during Stage 1 we have installed two identical generators. These in turn connect through dual battery-backed UPS and then off to the A&B power feeds to each rack. Hard to imagine, but we have six more of these generators coming as we fill up the facility.

The other really cool thing today is that we are showing the first photos of the Computer Rooms at Edinburgh Parks. We don’t really call them “Data Halls” at this facility because the design is for individual cold-rooms of 20 racks per room. Within each room is an air conditioner, which runs in tandem with one other identical room (which also has an air conditioner).

The rooms are constructed of Askin panels which is 100mm of fire-retardant insulation with 3mm of colourbond steel on each side. This has excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties, and helps to keep our Data Centre very power-efficient.

You’ll see the air conditioner is mounted on a frame, which gives you an idea of the finished floor level. The air conditioner blows cold air under the floor, then up through grilles directly to the front of each rack position.

We’re really excited about the progress of Edinburgh Parks, and we look forward to pressing the ON button next month.


20160107-133421 20160113-090315 20160113-100027 20160115-142442

20160115-153534 20160118-120851 20160121-074019 20160121-082914

20160122-081231 20160122-081343 20160127-144319 20160127-155732

Adelaide had 35mm of rain in just over 30 minutes

We’ve had a productive week at YourDC, and we can promise an exciting photo set next week. Hands up if you like big engines 🙂

What about the weather today? I think everyone’s aware that Adelaide had 35mm of rain in just over 30 minutes, so it’s little wonder there was minor but widespread flooding.

We’re talking to a business just up the road about possibly moving into our Hawthorn Data Centre soon. This afternoon we noticed their staff out the front of their building squeezing out wet towels and sheets, and sweeping up debris. We look forward to getting their server into our facility, and removing this flooding risk from their business.

Seriously though, it’s days like today that remind us all why Data Centres are important. How many businesses were flooded today? And how many businesses lost power? We can help protect against those events.

We even provide backup services for people by way of 60 desks at our Edinburgh Parks facility. We often ask businesses what would happen if their office had a flood, and today we saw that can be real even in Adelaide. The answer is that your critical intrastructure could be safely in our Computer Rooms, and your staff would have a place to do their work if your office was not able to be accessed (or didn’t have power or comms).

And, we’re not just for business – we can even help home users that want to put an offsite backup in a secure location. It’s not free, but how much value can be put on a family’s collection of digital photos?

Counting down to the launch of our flagship Data Centre

A visitor to YourDC Hawthorn today commented that we are almost ten percent of the way into 2016. But the YourDC team aren’t counting up – instead we’re counting down to the launch of our flagship Data Centre at Edinburgh Parks.

Today’s news from YourDC is about our Electricity, Cooling and Concrete (and Big Cranes).

Last week we had our facility connected to the electricity grid with a monster new transformer – one of four that will be present onsite. Our four transformers will be connected to two separate electricity substations which helps to ensure our power supply is extremely reliable.

With our cooling systems, our previous post showed the huge PowerPax chillers that cool a large volume of water which is pumped to the individual Data Room air conditioners. There’s been lots more work on this system and the incredible amount of heavy pipework involved. Our system has dual chilled water loops, and has special equipment to ensure easy removal of air or dirt that may be present. Of course we also have multiple water supplies including rainwater, and a water softening and filtration plant.

Continuing our obsession with cranes, we also put some concrete panels into place for our front entrance – impressive, yes?


20160106-075023 20160106-123421 20160106-150730 20160106-160550 20160107-135909

20160111-102807 20160113-112951 20160119-144742 20160119-155017 20160121-083006

Installation of two new Chillers at YourDC Edinburgh Parks


Last week we did the installation of two new Chillers at YourDC Edinburgh Parks.

Basically the chillers are big refrigerative air conditioners, but it’s not efficient to pump compressed refrigerant around a facility the size of ours. Instead, the Chillers cool large volumes of water which is then pumped at low pressure around the Data Centre. The water flows into the heat exchanger CRAC units in each Data Room, and then back to the chillers to be cooled again.

The Chillers are the latest technology, and help us to remain power efficient because we can increase their capacity in stages as we get more customer equipment within the Data Centre. What’s more, we have the “Free Cooling” upgrade on these units which means during cooler weather (under 25C) we can run the Chillers in a special low power mode which helps us to stay green.

Other than that, we’ve been fully operational through the Christmas and New Year period. This has given us the chance to help some more customers move into Hawthorn and also spend some time on various pieces of documentation.

We are looking forward to a smashing 2016 !

Installation of Chillers at YourDC Edinburgh Parks Installation of Chillers at YourDC Edinburgh Parks Installation of Chillers at YourDC Edinburgh Parks Installation of Chillers at YourDC Edinburgh Parks Installation of Chillers at YourDC Edinburgh Parks

Inside the Chiller unit at YourDC Edinburgh Parks Chilled Water pipes at YourDC Edinburgh Parks Water Pumps at YourDC Edinburgh Parks UPS Components at YourDC Edinburgh Parks Electrical Cabling at YourDC Edinburgh Parks

YourDC Edinburgh Parks YourDC Edinburgh Parks

Timelapse of YourDC Hawthorn Data Centre Upgrade

YourDC Hawthorn Data Centre underwent a major upgrade between June and September 2015, with practically every component of the site being refreshed.

We replaced the ceiling, replaced the floor, re-did all the security systems, knocked down walls, put up new walls, painted, installed new carpet and a swanky new office for YourDC team members.

While all this was happening a pair of GoPro’s kept watch around the clock.

We’ve put some of that footage together into this timelapse video. We’re super impressed, and it reminds us just how much amazing work has gone into making YourDC’s Hawthorn one of Adelaide’s best Data Centres.

We hope you enjoy the video – turn up the volume 🙂

42C in the Shade at Edinburgh Parks

Last week it was 42C in the Shade at Edinburgh Parks so YourDC Management put on a BBQ for all the onsite tradies and staff. Given the temperature, who could possibly say no to good conversation, great company, awesome sausages and cold cider?

While we were there our co-founder Greg grabbed some photos of the construction. Now the planning and design has finished you’ll see the actual construction is happening at an impressive pace.

The standing up of the Askin Panel walls has started and the chilled water piping has been installed. It’s clear where the doors to the data rooms are (they look like windows in these photos), and this also provides a clear indication of how high the rooms will be above ground level.

The UPS rooms are being fitted out, along with all the power cabling throughout Stage 1. The pads (slabs) for the Chillers are done, and latest news this morning is that the first of our massive air conditioning units will be onsite before month’s end.

In the photos below it’s hard to gauge the size of those power cables, but they’re quite large and of course capable of massive power loading.

Now that's a cable! YourDC Edinburgh Parks Cabling Trays at YourDC Edinburgh Parks YourDC Edinburgh Parks Copper Pipework

Phew, it’s hot!

It’s hot out there, and we’ve heard of at least 3 business with failed equipment in their “on-premises” server room that couldn’t keep up.

Inside our Data Hall it’s a pleasant 22C and 51% humidity, a great place for you to put your critical infrastructure.

Speaking of comfortable, we found the perfect place to do our work today. We’d love a beer but we all know the rules – no food and drink in the Data Centre!

Drop us an email to if you want to come and feel that cool breeze that will make your servers happy!

22C at YourDC Hawthorn Comfortable place to work at YourDC Hawthorn

Ed Parks progress

Callan here with a Friday update from the YourDC team. This week we’ve seen some more construction at Edinburgh Parks and there is some shape becoming apparent within the structural steel and Asken panels. Our Data Centre Manager, Tony, sure has his work cut out for him co-ordinating the multiples of trades onsite round the clock.

At Hawthorn we’ve had more customer equipment move in this week, and a stack of new Cisco gear has arrived to replace some existing units with even bigger units!

We’re now at the point where the photos from Ed Parks will be changing dramatically, and we’ll definitely be sharing as much excitement as possible!

YourDC Edinburgh Parks YourDC Edinburgh Parks YourDC Edinburgh Parks YourDC Edinburgh Parks YourDC Edinburgh Parks

YourDC Edinburgh Parks Live services at YourDC Hawthorn!

You could park a truck (and a crane) in here

We’ve got some heavy action happening at YourDC Edinburgh Parks today. This week’s steel trusses have arrived a day early, as has the framework for the CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units.

At YourDC Hawthorn we have several active clients now, and it’s great to see technical people popping in here regularly to finish their installations. Our clients are telling us that everything is working perfectly, and that makes us super happy.

YourDC Edinburgh Parks YourDC Edinburgh Parks


Today is another exciting day at Hawthorn with our first batch of brand new racks arriving early this morning. They are all now in place within the Data Hall, just waiting on our electricians to complete the hookup to protected power. Thanks to Shane for providing instructions in the safe use of our pallet lifter.

New Racks at YourDC Hawthorn New Racks at YourDC Hawthorn New Racks at YourDC Hawthorn

Summer’s first heatwave

Looks like the first heat wave of 2015 is coming – 34 tomorrow, 38 on Wednesday and 35 on Thursday.

How good is the cooling and power in your server room?

(our cooling and power are awesome, contact us if you’d like a personal tour and site intro).

Painting the town orange

Callan here with a Friday update. Painting at YourDC Hawthorn is progressing nicely and it’ll be completed over the weekend. From outside it’s actually hard to get a decent photo of this building!

Our first batch of brand new B&R Racks will arrive on Monday afternoon. Our first group of clients are expected to be racking their equipment on Thursday.

We’re all in great spirits here, and with the festive season coming there’s a great conversation to be had about moving your equipment in here over the break.

YourDC Hawthorn YourDC Hawthorn